Victory Outreach International Sonny Arguinzoni is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Victory Outreach International.Victory Outreach International
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Books by Sonny arguinzoni
"Sonny" - the book by Sonny Arguinzoni


He was the kind of man who started fights, not spiritual revolutions. Who organized gangs, not churches. Who corrupted lives, not saved them. A former drug-addict from the tough streets of New York, he is now recognized as the leader of one of the most effective movements to reach lost and hurting people around the world.

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"Treasures out of Darkness" - the book by Sonny Arguinzoni


Come, learn, and be inspired. Sonny came to Jesus during David Wilkerson’s early The Cross and the Switchblade days in the dangerous ghettos of New York. Today Sonny proves nobody is unredeemable. In his churches, former hit-men, drug pushers, prostitutes, street urchins, and “good” religious people have been discipled, trained and sent forth to proclaim the joyous lifestyle of Jesus Christ.

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"Internalizing the Vision"  by Sonny Arguinzoni


Take a rowdy bunch of drug addicts, prostitutes and tattooed gang members, convert them to Christianity and train them in the Scriptures. Then send them back out on the streets to pioneer urban churches. From the burned-out crack houses of New York to the gang-infested neighborhood of East Los Angeles, Victory Outreach is repairing broken lives on America’s mean streets.

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"Vision for the Outcast" -  by Sonny Arguinzoni


You will sense the anointing, power, and authority in which Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni delivers the five timeless messages transcribed in this book. The messages are funny, serious, and captivating as they apply a blueprint for generations of future leaders, Pastors, and Rehabilitation Home Directors.

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