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Sonny Arguinzoni

Since 1967 Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni has had a single-minded purpose with a clear mission: to empower individuals to take control of their lives by placing their future in the hands of God. Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni has seen multitudes exchange a hopeless subsistence for a new resolve and confidence in life with a determination to help others.

Sonny Arguinzoni Ministry's Vision

This unique vision continues to guide my values-driven approach to ministry, personal growth, and global-community involvement. Since the beginning, my highest priority has been cultivating a sense of family.

Pastor Sonny Arguinzoni founded Victory Outreach as a place where outcast and marginalized people can feel welcome. We are a global family with members in every populated continent on earth.

Visit a Victory Outreach Church from London to Los Angeles, Manila to Mexicali; you will be greeted as family. If you have not visited a Victory Outreach Church lately, allow us to extend our hands.

Welcome to the family.

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